Fedora Core Linux Bookmarks

An export of the "Fedora" section of my personal bookmarks file, from Opera 7 for Linux.
(Last modified: April 11 2020 18:50:55)
NOTE: This page is now unmaintained, as I have not used Fedora Core since release 2, and do not intend to do so to any serious extent anytime in the near or foreseeable future.

RPM Packages
FC2 Yum repositories
FC2 OS -- Hiwaay.net
FC2 Updates -- Hiwaay.net
FC2 Updates -- DULUG
FC2 Extras -- Stable -- Fedora.us
FC2 Extras -- Stable -- Kernel.org
FC2 Extras -- Stable -- USC.edu
FC2 Add-ons -- Stable -- Livna.org
Macromedia Flash Player for Linux - FC2
FreshRPMs for FC2
Dag Wieers' FC2 RPM Repository
Dries' Fedora YUM/APT Repository
ATrpms for FC2
NewRPMS for FC2
FC1 Yum repositories
FC1 OS -- Hiwaay.net
FC1 Updates -- Hiwaay.net
FC1 Updates -- DULUG
FC1 Extras -- Stable -- Fedora.us
FC1 Extras -- Stable -- Kernel.org
FC1 Extras -- Stable -- USC.edu
FC1 Add-ons -- Stable -- Livna.org
Macromedia Flash Player for Linux - FC1
FreshRPMs for FC1
Dag Wieers' FC1 RPM Repository
Dries FC1 YUM/APT Repository
ATrpms for FC1
NewRPMS for FC1
Subpop.net packages
Official Fedora Core mirrors
Fedora Core -- Hiwaay.net
Fedora Core -- DULUG
Fedora Core 2 -- Fedora.us
RPM Livna.org index
Macromedia Flash Player 6 for Linux
[freshrpms.net] - Packages
DAG: RPM Packages
Dries APT/YUM Packages
Index of /arjanv
Arjan van de Ven's 2.6 kernels
Mike Harris' Unofficial Pine RPMs
Fedora Tracker
Mailing lists
The fedora-announce-list Archives
The fedora-desktop-list Archives
The fedora-devel-list Archives
The fedora-config-list Archives
The fedora-list Archives
Documentation, HOWTOs, Notes
FedoraForum - Fedora Linux Support Forums
Fedora Wiki - Fedora Documents
The Unofficial Fedora FAQ
Yum: Yellow dog Updater, Modified
Sample yum.conf
Fedora Multimedia Installation HOWTO
Fedora Core Release Notes
Fedora Core 2 SELinux FAQ
Fedora Core 1 with a 2.6 Kernel
Fedora Core 2 test Notes
PhpWiki - Fedora core 1 with kernel 2.6-test
Bug 112480 - hang after the message 'Freeing unused kernel memory: 136k freed'
fedora-list: FC2: need floppy to network install
fedora-devel: Optimization vs. Prelinking
fedora-devel: en_US, UTF-8, C in environment
fedora-list: Re: Booting stops with 2.6.5 kernel
fedora-test-list: What is vdso=0 anyway?
fedora-devel: Prevention and Recovery of XP Dual Boot Problems
fedora-devel: Easter sermon: Linux memory management
How to replace Kazaa in fedora core 1
fedora-devel: Why some apps suck at IPv6
shrike-list: GCC optimization
Pause broken in xmms using alsa
Fedora People
Fedora News Updates
Fedorazine - Fedora News
Fedora Forum.org
Red Hat World Tour

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