Brad the Mad

Brad, the Mad

They called me mad, and I called them mad, and damn them, they outvoted me.
--Nathaniel Lee

That, more than anything, led to my drinking problem.
--Ted Striker


Hi, I'm Brad, a 47-year-old man of leisure who lives in Atlanta, GA. I work as a UNIX Systems Administrator, or as the more fortunate of us call it in modern times "DevOps Engineer," for the world's largest automobile auction company. I've been doing this kind of thing for various types of companies for about 20 years now. In previous lives, I've crewed on a bunch of racing sailboats, and been an on-air announcer at a classical music and NPR News radio station.

Some of my other non-work related interests include cars, car travel, car racing (IMSA and Formula 1), transcontinental driving records, and playing keyboard and guitar.

Technical Pages

Hilariously old and of little use any more, but I'd be mad at myself if I broke all these links, so I keep them around.

Admit nothing. Blame everyone. Be bitter.
--Barbara Krueger